Frequently Asked Questions

How is the creation of a logo or communication media going ?

Our team takes your instructions (brief) into account and offers you 3 to 5 design proposals, you choose your favorite by giving us additional instructions so that we can rework on it. When we obtain your complete satisfaction, we provide you with the final file and any variations in HD formats. Hello

What do the acronyms UI and UX stand for ?

UI stands for “User Interface” and UX for “User experience”.

What budget and deadlines to develop an application ?

The development of a mobile application requires special attention, especially when editing the specifications. The workload for a mobile application is greater than for a website, so the budget and deadlines will be greater. To evaluate your project, we advise you to publish an estimate with your technical partner.

What is a specification ?

Specifications are essential when studying your project (budget, deadlines, etc.). The specifications detail all the functionalities desired in your website and/or your back office.

What do the acronyms SEO and SEA mean ?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and SEA “Search Engine Advertizing”.

Where to start when you want to establish a communication plan ?

The first thing to do is probably to define your objectives: what is the goal of your communication campaign, and what audience are you targeting? From there, we can establish a marketing plan according to your expectations and your challenges.

How to measure the success of an event ?

Measuring the results of an event can be tedious. We advise you to prepare a quick questionnaire to send to your guests so that they can rate the event and share their comments / ideas for improvement. Any criticism will be good to take to better anticipate the next event.

What are the different media ?

The media include all communication channels such as the press, TV, radio, cinema, and now social networks, in particular via influencers, which become real media on their own.

Why choose a street marketing campaign ?

Street marketing is an original way to meet your audience and measure their popularity live, the opportunity to ask your target what they really think of you, without filter. This unique experience can save you valuable time: you send a message face-to-face to your customers and they answer your questions and bring up relevant remarks/observations for your reporting.

What is urban display ?

Traditionally, we think of street posters, bus shelters, advertising panels in metros, shopping centers or even at the entrances to ring roads… our team has developed other types of urban posters in parallel, such as retail networks proximity, bakeries, grocery stores, fast food restaurants… All the signs frequented on a daily basis can become vectors of communication and are all the more effective but also less costly.

What are your production times ?

Our production and delivery times depend on the type of product. Our teams communicate these deadlines to you during the commercial proposal, but if you have imperatives in terms of deadlines, you can notify your advisor in advance in order to obtain a quote taking these constraints into account (express costs may sometimes be applied) .

What types of videos can you create ?

Our teams can create different types of videos for you: motion design, report, interview, promotional or animated video…

How quickly can you install a chatbot on my website ?

The implementation of the chatbot can be immediate, when you decide.

For which event can I rent a photobooth ?

For all types of events: public or private, seminars, congresses, company parties, fairs…

What are the surface areas of the custom-made stands ?

In general, we work on stands from 12m2 or 18m2, up to +2000m2…

Why create a visual identity ?

Your visual identity is your brand universe. Your logo, typography, associated colors… are elements that make it possible to differentiate your company from another, and to make your brand a recognizable entity to the public.

What is the concrete use of working on your UI/UX ?

The goal is to make your site attractive, so that the user does not leave the page after a few seconds. This sometimes involves the speed of the site, the design chosen, the ease of navigation…

Will my mobile application be available on IOS and Play store ?

Yes of course, your mobile application will have to be developed in such a way as to be compatible on both platforms.

What is a responsive site ?

A responsive site is a website suitable for all devices: computer but also smartphone and tablets.

How long does it take to set up an SEO service ?

Depending on the scope of the task, this part can take from two to three weeks, up to three to four months.

Is it important to make a business plan ?

Yes, the business plan allows you to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, the practices of your competitors and your positioning, but also your forecast financial data which will help you convince potential investors!

How to limit the unexpected ?

An event is always subject to the unexpected, which is why it is important to keep a checklist, a retro-planning to be followed carefully and possibly provide back-ups (material or additional personnel).

How do you go about establishing a media recommendation ?

We carefully study your purpose, your values and the products and/or services you offer in order to identify the most relevant media according to your target and your brand strategy. We negotiate favorable rates with our partners following the signing of a media purchasing mandate contract.

Do you provide post-campaign reporting ?

Yes, the reporting is the mirror of the results of our campaign and will allow you to have a support on which you refer: reactions, questions from the public, remarks, photos / videos… but also the evaluation of your popularity (instant or suggested mention of your brand) and analysis of feedback from the field.

How to check the number of posters posted ?

Our teams of commercial animators are responsible for your communication and take a photo of each poster placed / flyers placed… You have visibility over your entire poster campaign.

How to opt for eco-responsible promotional items ?

We are in the era of sustainable and eco-responsible objects, our teams can offer you 100% green products. In general, our agency is concerned about the environment and we therefore try to offer ecological, sustainable products with a low carbon impact.

Do you take care of putting it online ?

Yes we can, at your convenience, upload the videos created for you on the web.

Can I customize my chatbot's responses ?

Yes of course, you can configure your chatbot to respond correctly to all your prospects and visitors (according to the keywords detected in the questions of Internet users).

Will I be able to recover all the photos taken after the event ?

Yes, we provide you with a folder containing all the photos taken during the event (digital format).

How long do I have to plan before the show to create a tailor-made design stand ?

It all depends on the size of your project, the technical constraints and the validation deadlines of your management, however we advise you to do it at least 2 to 3 months before the date of the event.

What is the point of working on your SEO ?

Having a website is good, but does it have to be easily found on the internet via search engines? An optimized SEO will allow you to have more qualified visitors (leads) who have typed a search containing one of your keywords.